About the Asia Desk


About the Asia Desk

Ni Hao! A Window to A World Of Opportunity

The Asia Desk, exclusively at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty, is a team of independent brokers fluent in foreign languages, customs and logistics when working with international home buyers. Far more than a website, our listings are directly represented abroad with unparalleled exposure both here at home and overseas. When you're targeting a global audience, working with the right team makes all the difference in the world. 

The Asia Desk operations are directly networked with Beijing Sotheby’s International Realty, which Realogics Sotheby's International Realty referred to the franchise system and helped to establish over the past three years. RSIR owners Dean and Stacy Jones attended the October 10th Grand Opening in Beijing and were joined by several other RSIR brokers including Lili Shang.

Behind these doors lies a dynamic approach led by RSIR into the Asian marketplace. This is a summary of our ongoing initiatives to emerge with Asia through exclusive relationships, events, collateral, partnerships and marketing.


Exclusive Advertising in Asia

Exclusive Advertising in Asia

Exclusive Advertising In Asia

Luxury Properties

China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Luxury Properties is a bilingual magazine targeted at high-net-worth individuals in Asia looking to enjoy the ultimate in lifestyle residences. LP contains the latest news about architecture, design, investment and outstanding high-end properties for sale globally.

Circulation & Demographics

First Published: March 2004
Frequency: 6 Issues/Year
Language: Chinese & English
Circulation: 102,000
Northern China: 18%
Eastern China: 16%
South West China: 10%
Central China: 8%
Hong Kong/Macau: 16%
South East Asia: 30%
Rest of World: 2%

Unique Home Magazine

China, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing

 Featuring a mix of U.S. and China-based advertising, and translated into Simplified Chinese, the Unique Homes Magazine - China Edition is the premier luxury magazine featuring high-end properties from both the United States and China.  

Circulation & Demographics

In Print: 8,000 Distributed
Online: 15,000+ Unique Visitors
Language: Chinese & English

Mansion Plus Magazine

Pacific Northwest Featured in (Fully Translated) China Magazine

 CEO of Beijing Sotheby's International Realty, Kevin Corbett, released two edition publications called Mansion Plus - a glossy magazine with original editorial content and exclusive listings from featured markets in the United States. Considered the "Guide to Luxury Homes & Global Lifestyles", Realogics Sotheby's International Realty is a consistent editorial and luxury property contributor within each edition. The luxury magazine is distributed throughout China, luxury events as well as throughout a network of China-based airlines both domestically and internationally. 


Asia Initiatives

Asia Initiatives

Asia Initiatives

Behind these doors lies a dynamic approach, led by Realogics Sotheby's International Realty, into the Asian marketplace through exclusive relationships, events, collateral, partnerships and marketing.

Partnering with Beijing Sotheby's International Realty

Artfully Uniting Extraordinary Homes with Extraordinary Lives Overseas

As the first affiliate of the global realty network to operate within Mainland China, Beijing Sotheby's International Realty is led by Plus Investment, Inc. whose principals have been active in domestic and international real estate development and sales as well as vanguards for importing private jets and luxury yachts into China over the past 25 years. With key interests in aviation, travel and hospitality, the brokerage firm maintains unique and exclusive marketing platforms in an effort to modernize the domestic real estate industry within China and explore international referrals.

RSIR is proud to have been the referring source for the franchise expansion and currently maintains preferred marketing and referral networks direct with the new Chinese affiliate.


Dragon and the Pearls

Making Our Market Matter to Asia

 Asian home-buyers have been a staple consumer of properties in Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles for many years. More recently, alternative West Coast markets like Seattle, Newport Beach and San Diego have gained in visibility and even a preference given their relative value and lifestyle attributes. We are positioning ourselves to be a major catalyst for Asian home buying throughout the West Coast.

The Seattle-based real estate firm has partnered with key brokers, overseas wealth managers, immigration specialists and other centers of influence through the Pacific Rim to showcase the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Known as The Dragon and the Pearls, the campaign targets Asia (mostly China) as the "Dragon" and arrays a string of "Pearl" destination markets along the West Coast.


AREAA's membership represents a broad array of real estate, mortgage and housing-related professionals that serve the diverse Asian American market. AREAA is the only trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the Asian real estate market nationwide.

Juwai.com is where Chinese buyers find international properties. List Juwai is our international gateway for property sellers to reach this growing market easily.

The International Real Estate Federation - US Chapter (FIABCI-USA) is a multi-discipline, networking organization for all professionals associated with real estate transactions. With members in more than 50 countries and territories, we provide information, connections and concierge services to help you expand your global network.

Partnership with San Diego-based Caimeiju, exclusively for the state of Washington. Founded in 2009, Caimeiju is a multi-faceted, international real estate marketing agency targeting affluent Asian home buyers and offers unparalleled access into China.