"We purchased our house in 2013 and engaged Liz as our agent for the purchase. She is very knowledgeable about the market and helpful with the house hunting. Her advice actually helped us win the bid on the purchase. In addition to that, she is very experienced with the transaction process, which made our closing much easier and smoother. We much appreciate her assistance and have become good friends."

- Shirley Chen

" In 2010, we purchased a home in Seattle and Liz was the listing and sales agent working with us to find our home in Alki in Seattle. We also engaged Liz to help us list, market and sell our unit when we left Seattle for Asia in mid-2014. 

Liz did an outstanding job helping us find the right place, and made the transaction smooth and efficient. She did the same during the sale, and we enjoyed a hassle-free experience on both ends of the transaction. Liz was and is professional, attentive to our needs, and knowledgeable about the market and transaction process. I can't say enough about her efforts. In fact, we have become terrific friends as a result of the excellent relationship that developed between us. We very much appreciated her efforts on our behalf."

- Mark G. Hopper & Wai Yin Schoeni 

"Liz was very patient with us in finding just the right investment property in terms of location, cap rate, potential growth, etc... We handed her the tough task of finding the perfect property and she delivered a high-grossing apartment building along Aurora. We were able to set up meetings with the owner and his agent to discuss the property and get a unit-by-unit tour (16 units total). 

During the process, Liz always had us updated on offer negotiations and the paperwork that need to be signed. Any questions we had about what we were signing or about the timeline, she was always just a phone call or text away. Without Liz, the language barrier between my dad whose English is not that good, would have created more delays and confusion. Liz made the process much smoother and cleared up many things for my dad and myself. 

Over the last few years, Liz has helped my family with listing five single properties and purchasing a commercial property in Sequim as well as 9632 Aurora Avenue North.

I am very glad to have Liz as our agent and will definitely seek her advice and expertise on future property investments."

- Adam